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It’s been a while. #amwriting again!

I’ve risen from the ashes, having dealt with a very severe mental health issue for the past two years. I’m finally putting my life back together and have been plotting my re-emergence onto the writing scene.

Late last year, I completed work on a story called Worshipers of the Black Hole. It’s a story that came out of my darkest hour, where I believed the best parts of myself died on that hospital bed. It’s the darkest fiction I’ve written, and I used to write zombie horror stories. No ETA on release as it’s in alpha-reading limbo. I wrote the early chapters in the hospital, thus a lot of revision is necessary. I’m hoping to release it sometime this year, when I can scrape together some change for a good cover.

Presently, I’m working on part three of The ABACUS Protocol, also hopefully to be released this year. It’s about 50% completed. Vivian, Alec, and quIRK are at it again, going after the dastardly Dynamo Quantronics and seeking out the source of the sentient computer bug. It’s fun and head and shoulders above anything I’ve written before. It’s a touch dark, but still light enough to be fun.

I had my blog redone by a friend and I’m working on getting my mailing list resuscitated. I have a long road ahead of me but I am not going to ask for permission to succeed. I have a few other fun projects up my sleeve and I will share them when the time is right.

For now, I need to get my life back in order. Adieu!

A flurry of activity, and two new short stories

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I’ve been busy, it’s as though an engine is driving me to create. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Singular Truth: final beta read is incoming tonight.
  • Demi-Human (The ABACUS Protocol): I’m 17.5 thousand words in. I’m going to go for another thousand words today and each day over the long weekend. I’m worried it’s going to be shorter than ABACUS and Pandora, but there’s always room to edit.
  • New project: Technocracy. It’s a new short story that I’m hoping to submit to an anthology. If it’s not accepted, I’ll just find a way to get it to you, my readers, another way.

I removed my books from KDP Select (Kindle Unlimited) because I don’t feel I was getting much increase in value giving Amazon exclusivity. June 19 is the day I can upload The ABACUS Protocol to other retailers.

I’ve been studying podcasting, and I’m moving in June. I’ll probably begin my podcast in July, once I have the chance to record a few episodes to get myself started. (I’ll also have somewhat of a studio/hobby room, which will help the sound quality.) For now, I’m practicing my announcer voice and learning the software.

One thing that’s worrying me about the podcast is that my chapter length. I seem to have about 8 minutes of talk-time per chapter, not including the intro and outro. This seems a bit short. My other option is to record two chapters at a time, which would give me an episode length of closer to 16 minutes.(I’m somewhat worried I’ll run out of content before Demi-Human is out if I double up, but I can make the podcast have  seasons.)

What do you think? One chapter per episode, or two?

A new dawn: planetThea is here!

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It’s been a long time. Too long.

I’ve decided it’s high time I relaunched my writing career, with a renewed focus on my readers.

Here’s what I’m up to:

  • Making print copies of The ABACUS Protocol, and a collected edition of the Zombie Bedtime Stories.
  • Editing part two of The ABACUS Protocol (The Pandora Machine)
  • Creating new ways to entertain and interact with you, the reader (Return of the vlog, live-streaming writing and drawing sessions, and more!)
  • Starting a world building blog series. (Want to guest post? Leave a comment below!)
  • Starting a new, super-secret webcomic. Details to be posted in the upcoming months!

I missed you guys. It’s time to get to work.