The ABACUS Protocol

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The ABACUS Protocol is a far-future science fiction series. The first two books are available on Amazon.

The ABACUS Protocol by Thea GregoryIn the 30th century humanity has spread across the galaxy, organizing itself into a loose confederation of worlds. Vivian Skye has just landed her first job at the distant Extra-Galactic Observatory. Her task is to perform routine upgrades on the space station’s quantum supercomputer, quIRK—one of the most advanced pieces of equipment in the galaxy.

Then, it all goes wrong. The administrator of the station, Bryce Zimmer, is threatened by Vivian and quIRK’s recent string of eccentric behavior. Eventually, Bryce’s jealousy and cruel ambition compel him to pit Vivian and quIRK against each other in a shadow that conflict he hopes will consume them both. Vivian must fight for her rightful place in the galaxy, and survive the emerging super intelligence that is quIRK.Can the thing that’s trying to kill her also be her salvation?

The Pandora Machine:

Vivian Skye wakes up in a secure hospital ward on New Damascus, having spent months in a restorative coma. The situation is dire; she’s being investigated for facilitating the creation of the second sentient computer known to humanity. While in recovery, she’s pressed for answers.

With help, Vivian manages to escape the superhospital, but what she finds beyond is a galaxy in shambles. Janus, the computer that controls the Epsilon Eridani hub has acquired sentience and craves chaos. By creating malfunctions and deliberately misdirecting ships, he has created the perfect trap for Vivian.

Can Vivian survive the wrath of Janus?

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